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Our History

History of the Ships Company

RCSCC BOWMANVILLE was created in 1981 by the Bowmanville and District Branch of the Navy League of Canada, and was assigned number 279, which the ship's company uses as a pennant number. We are named for the HMCS Bowmanville, a Castle-class corvette active during World War II in the Mid-Ocean Escort Force escort group C-4 at Londonderry, Northern Ireland.


Since it's inception, the Ship's Company has paraded out of numerous places. Former training locations include Central Public School, Branch 178 Royal Canadian Legion, the Veltri Building and the Sylvan property. Including our current location, RCSCC BOWMANVILLE has maintained a continuous presence in downtown Bowmanville.


In 2006, the ship's company was one of several that participated in the National Battle of Atlantic Parade in Ottawa. The ship's company also visited local sights such as the National War Museum.


2007 and 2008 saw the ship's company participate in two Interprovincial Cadet Exchanges. In 2007, the ship's company traveled to Victoriaville, QC to visit 12e Régiment Blindé du Canada (2728) CCR(Armée)C and traveled in and around Victoriaville and Québec City. In 2008, the ship's company hosted a visit from (245) CCMRC BELLECHASE from St. Anselme, QC.


In 2011, the ship's company visited the Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park. Besides performing some training aboard USS Croaker, USS The Sullivans and USS Little Rock, the cadets got the chance to stay aboard USS Little Rock overnight.

In 2013, senior members of the corps took part in a White Water Rafting trip hosted by RCSCC Drake along the Ottawa river. In 2014, the corps participated in a trip to see S. S. Keewatin in Port McNicoll and the Naval Base at Penetanguishene.


As a naval unit, we use a lot of naval terms. Our "Ship's Company" is all the officers, staff and cadets. We all parade on board (in) our Stone Frigate (building). When members of the ship's company come aboard (enter), they do so via the brow (entrance). We will open hatches (doors) at or prior to the start time to an event. Cadets head ashore (leave) when their liberty boat (those with leave) are dismissed or after their duty watch (light cleaning of ship) is complete. Each training night starts with Colours (raising the Canadian flag) and ends with Sunset (the lowering). As a kindness, we use military time when saying we parade from 18:30 to 21:00 (6:30pm to 9pm) instead of saying "1 bell in the Last Dog watch to 2 bells in the First watch," which is considered the proper navy way of saying a time.

Corps Badge

In a circular naval frame, our badge depicts an archer (or bowman) with bow drawn on top of a stone circlet. The archer is wearing green with leather armour and metal helmet. The stone circlet is often used in heraldry to depict a city, town, or other municipality. The overall symbol can be said to depict a "bowman ville" which is a type of rebus. The bottom of the frame has a spray of 3 red maple leaves to identify the unit as a Sea Cadet unit, as well as having the name in black on gold.


The blazon of the badge is "Argent, issuant from a mural crown, a demi-archer wearing a tudor helmet and leather jerkin and drawing a bow, all Proper".


The original HMCS BOWMANVILLE did not have an official ship's badge, as wartime conditions in WW2 left the creation of badges up to the Captains of ships. Had the HMCS BOWMANVILLE been given a modern badge, we'd like to think it would have looked very much like ours, except with gold maple leaves at the bottom, and the name in our livery colours, which is white on green.

In 2013, the badge for RCSCC Bowmanville was updated by LCdr Steve Cowan, an Area Cadet Officer from Vancouver Island.

Former Commanding Officers

Lt(N) J. Vanderende, CD

LCdr D. Foster, CD

Lt(N) M. Carter, CD

Lt(N) A. Scott, CD

Lt(N) M. Plummer, CD

Lt(N) J. K. Hunter, CD

Lt(N) C. Kukavica, CD

Former Coxswains

LC D. Bates

A/CPO L. Roche

A/CPO C. Lanz

CPO1 G. Henning

CPO1 J. Rose

CPO1 A. Scott

CPO1 M. Brooks

CPO1 M. Plummer

CPO1 J. Ivanoff

CPO1 S. Metcalf

CPO1 Gilroy

CPO1 P. Sanders

CPO1 K. Gilroy

CPO2 G. Gushulack

CPO1 M. Saunders

CPO1 K. McNicoll

CPO1 G. Koenderman

CPO1 R. Walton

CPO1 D. Luciano

CPO1 A. Cornthwaite

CPO1 L. Lazenby

CPO1 M. McOustra

CPO1 M. Foster

CPO1 D.J. Cunningham

CPO1 S. Foster

CPO2 J. Talsma

CPO2 C. Hisey

CPO1 D. Smith

CPO1 M. Kubovic

CPO1 S. Nickle

CPO1 V. Lord-Annis

CPO1 G. Cameron

CPO2 C. W. Guspie

PO1 T. Cabral

CPO1 J. Wells

CPO2 A. Capobianco

CPO2 E. McMillan

CPOC1 A. Goggins

Sponsored by

NLoC Bowmanville Branch

RCSCC Bowmanville.png

PO Box 491

Bowmanville, Ontario 

L1C 3Z2


Registered Charity #11924-8835-RR0013

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